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PHCA offers before and after school programs to give parents more flexibility for drop off and pick up.


Learn about extended day programs cost at the Lower school campus.

Preschool and Pre-kindergarten 

Preschool and Pre-K students can begin their school day spending their first 30 minutes eating breakfast and their remaining time with table activities designed to develop fine motor skills and concentration. There’s plenty of caring, one-to-one attention from teachers, and a special emphasis on helping our youngest students develop social skills.


The afternoon extended day program includes quiet table activities and games, outdoor fun and physical education, and a daily craft project; it  ends on an entertaining note with stories, dramatic play, movement and music.

Middle School


Our Middle School extended day program begins at 3:05 p.m. after last bell.

This program has a Study Hall atmosphere giving students an opportunity to finish homework in a quiet and supportive setting. Tutoring courses are offered by their perspective educators.


Enrichments are here to spark enjoyment and curiosity. We offer space and time to have fun after a structured day at school. These classes are an exploration of a creative subject or sport, etc., without goals of deep study or mastery; though physical and mental resilience and contentedness may result.


Every other Wednesday our middle school students are offered the opportunity to experience hands-on money management training from Wells Fargo employee, in addition to Wyldlife club lead by Young Life leaders.

Extended day begins as early as

7:00 a.m., and ends by 6:00 p.m.

Breakfast is provided to all students until 8 a.m.


Our elementary program is a natural extension of the day, beginning right after the final school bell and includes time for homework.


Our elementary extended day program gives students an opportunity to complete all homework assignments, with timing and schedule dependent on the student’s grade level.


In addition to homework time, elementary extended day students are led through organized arts and crafts projects and a variety of STEM activities. To round out the program, students also spend time after school outside on the playground to play. 


All children must be signed out of Extended Day by a parent, guardian or emergency contact before they are allowed to leave for the day. 


Late Fees

If students are not picked up by 6 p.m., an additional $5 per every five minutes will be charged. (To the parent/guardian: if you know you will be late, please inform the office staff by calling 

904 - 786 - 0028, (ext. 240)

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