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Education is instruction in knowledge. Knowledge is truth revealed. Thus, we believe the purpose of education should be to instruct children in truths and realities of life in order that they might be equipped and prepared for productive citizenship. Truth cannot be known apart from God; therefore, it is impossible to obtain true education apart from the teachings outlined in the Word of God.


All of life and its components (the cosmos, the earth, the sciences, the mind, and the physical as well as spiritual laws) were created by God. To instruct or train children in such disciplines separate and apart from the Word of God borders on blasphemy. The Word of God commands us to train our children in His ways so that the blessings of God would continuously be upon us and that a remembrance of God would always be in the hearts and minds of each generation. Such commandment was not an option, especially for  Christians. By adopting secular, humanistic philosophy, modern educators have attempted to teach truth apart from a knowledge of God. By distorting basically every discipline and attributing the thoughts and accomplishments of mankind to himself, the modern educational system has produced a society void of any moral or ethical standards; such a society is destined for destruction. We believe that the solution to societal ills rests not in additional federal funding, nor in federal policing, but in the basis of our educational system. History, itself, teaches that a society without a moral core soon results in disease, decadence and ultimate destruction (Romans chapter 1). True education is the key.


The Potter’s House Christian Academy offers an educational environment with morality and character building as its core, without compromising academic standards. Christian children, above all others, should exemplify high standards in every area of life. In order to effectively serve God and fulfill the Divine purpose that He has for each child, children must be adequately trained and equipped from a biblical perspective. Extension courses such as music, art, drama, and technology are to be used to glorify God, and should, thus, play an integral role in providing cultural and spiritual development as well as a well-rounded education for the students.


We believe that education should begin, first, in the home; thus, the Academy is merely an extension of the parent’s responsibility of educating and training their children. All teachers and administrators should not only be academically qualified, but spiritually gifted, and exemplify lives representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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