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The Potter’s House Christian Academy High School is a dynamic educational institution designed to train and equip young people to develop and grow spiritually, academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.   Through spiritual training, students learn that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.  They are equipped academically through study of Bible, English, mathematics, science, social science, technology, physical education, and other disciplines that propel them to advance in society.


The high school utilizes the Abeka, Bob Jones, and LifeWay curricula and various Christian and secular curricula for electives. The curricula also provide opportunities for application. The educators also will demonstrate how to use higher order thinking skills using Bloom’s Taxonomy. The Fundamental 5 lesson plan encourages teachers to make real world applications of the subject matter while teaching their lesson. Students are challenged during the Fundamental 5 lesson plan format which utilizes group discussions and small group talks.

Through athletics, fine arts and organized activities, students are prepared to compete, cooperate, and communicate with others so that they can understand the importance of community and living together as a global society.  Most importantly, the Potter’s House Christian Academy High School encourages students to live victorious lives through developing and maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Thus, emotional stability is fostered as students learn how to conquer the challenges and obstacles of adolescent development from a Biblical worldview.

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