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The mission of The Potter’s House Christian Academy is to lead students to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior and to disciple them by providing instruction in the truths and realities of life so that they might be equipped and prepared for productive citizenship.

Educational Objectives

Our objectives in the education of your children are as follows:

· To prepare students spiritually by instilling in them a love for God and His Holy Word.

· To prepare students to live an abundant life as outlined in God’s Word.

· To encourage students to think clearly, logically, and independently.

· To provide an environment with strong moral and high quality academic training.

· To instill, in each child’s heart, a sense of self-worth and destiny.

· To assist each child in realizing his or her purpose and equip him or her to become the best he or she can be.

· To teach lessons as realities of life for everyday application.

· To encourage each child to reach his or her innate potential for personal success as outlined in God’s Word.

· To develop in each child a sense of responsibility as a Christian and as a neighbor.

· To show students biblically the role of the arts in worshiping God and provide them with opportunities to develop an appreciation for the arts as well as expressing creative gifts that are present within them.

· To offer athletics to promote good physical and emotional health, to teach teamwork and to encourage the development of a positive winning attitude.

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